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Daizha Morgann

daizha morgann'S

Anal Ring Toss Bachelor Parties

Hey guys let me tell you what goes down when you book Daizha Morgann and the World Famous Anal Ring Toss Girls from the Howard Stern Show. We arrive 1 hour in advance and we really turn your place into what looks like a strip club landed right there in the living room of your house or hotel. We bring black lights, strobe lights, flashing rope light a sound system. Trust me this really changes the entire atmosphere of your party.


The bachelor is covered for all of his lap dances for the entire night and every single lap dance is a 2 girl mini sex show in his lap. He feels like he is caught up in a threesome with these 2 girls in G-strings giving him a lap dance at the same time while they’re making out with each other then one of the girls lays back in his lap and does the splits right under his chin while her girlfriend is going down on her right under his chin where he can see every detail of these girls.


Next everyone in attendance is playing what brought us all together Anal Ring Toss. As we play Anal Ring Toss I will be handing out to all the winners a DVD”s of the girls that are actually in front of you on all fours. Next those winners will be advancing into the playoffs we call Sudden Anal Death, Where they”ll be winning the World Famous Anal Ring Toss T-shirt and a chance at free lap dances.


Okay on to our grand finale the most hardcore toy show you will ever see in real life. These two girls come out with a Sybian, "If you don't know what a Sybian is Google it" They hand the Sybian controls to the bachelor and Daizha rides it while the bachelor is in complete controls of all the vibration and rotation action on this machine. Next they break out a spreader bar that has hand cuffs and ankle cuffs, A ball gag, A butt plug and a strap-on. I really don’t want to give away anymore details.


Please keep in mind to set a side approximately 2 to 3 hours for our show and it's an all inclusive package. There will never be hourly charge, There will never be a pay as you go system, There will never be a price menu or tipping requirements.


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